Critical Analysis of top 5 acoustic electric guitars

An electric acoustic guitar is not just a piece of equipment, it is a lifestyle, and a source of releasing depression and most importantly love of life for a large number of people. Music has this magical capability of taking you to a whole new world where no one is sad or depressed. This is why the amount of music lovers is increasing day by day. Some people relax by listening to good music while others find relaxation in playing music on instruments like piano and guitar.

Just Think for a Minute

Just think for a minute that you are at your favorite place playing guitar and suddenly it start giving strange sound or any of its strings gets broken. It will definitely ruin your mood and may also cause you embarrassment if you are playing it in front of friends or public. You can avoid this situation only by taking the right buying decision.

I can understand

I can understand how frustrating it is to select the right guitar since you have very limited experience with this beautiful instrument. Here, I must tell you that you are not the only one facing this problem, every person face this problem while buying his or her first electric acoustic guitar. This is because beginners are not much aware of technical things to consider in the guitar.

What is the Problem?

So, you do not have experience buying and using guitar much but you still want to have one which you can play in your leisure time. What is the problem in it? We are here for your help and guidance.

Who are We?

We are a team of professionals most of which are regular guitar users. What we do is guiding people in taking right buying decision. Here, I must clear one thing; we do not charge anything for these services. This detailed report is also a part of our services. This report will tell you every single thing you must know about an acoustic electric guitar before buying it such as its features, best models and brands, pros and cons, benefits etc. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Starting With Top 5 List

Following are top 5 acoustic electric guitars available in the market. These 5 guitars are being shortlisted based on several factors like price, features, benefits, durability, clarity etc.

  1. Yamaha FG700S folk acoustic guitar
  2. Fender FS02 Squier acoustic guitar bundle
  3. Squier by Fender acoustic guitar bundle
  4. Fender FS01 Squier acoustic guitar
  5. Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar

So, you are wondering what is so special about them. Well, read for yourself. Following are the distinguishing features of top 5 electric guitars.

Best Electric Acoustic GuitarsProduct DimensionsItem WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsAmazon RatingCheck Amazon
Yamaha Folk Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha-FG700S-Acoustic-Strings-Instructional 1
45 x 18 x 7 inches20 poundsRead Full Review 120 Customer Reviews4.6 See At Amazon
Squier by Fender acoustic guitar bundle
Squier by Fender acoustic guitar 3
1 x 1 x 1 inches12.1 poundsRead Full Reviews158 customer reviews 4.4 See At Amazon
Jasmine S35 acoustic guitarJasmine S35 acoustic guitar 518 x 8 x 48 inches6.5 poundsRead Full Review536 Customer Reviews4.5See At Amazon
Fender Squier Acoustic GuitarFender FS02 Squier acoustic guitar 245.6 x7 x 18.5inches30 poundsRead Full Reviews189 Customer Reviews4.6See At Amazon
Fender FS01 Squier Acoustic GuitarFender FS01 Squier acoustic guitar 445.8 x 6 x 17.8 inches13.2 poundsRead Full Reviews113 Customer Reviews4.5See At Amazon


Yamaha FG700S folk acoustic guitar review

Yamaha-FG700S-Acoustic-Strings-Instructional 1

Yamaha FG700S acoustic electric guitar is one of the best guitars of the Yamaha for the beginners.  The guitar is made especially for the beginners to practice various tones of music to get the experience. The guitar is also famous among the professional users of the guitar because of its unique features.

Yamaha FG700S guitar possess great features that are actually needed to begin the practices.  The die cast tuners, string winder, picks, capo, extra strings, instructional DVD and the polishing cloth. The guitar includes all the important accessories that you need to get start. The solid sitka spruce top, Nato back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and black-and-white body and neck binding add more features to the guitar and beatifies it. The best thing about the guitar is that you can get the complete guide from the instructional DVD that is provided along with the guitar. That will help you to learn each and every step of the guitar gradually.

The guitar also has some additional features and accessories. For instance, it has a beautiful hard shell case that will enable you to protect your guitar from external damages. The hard cover has 4 clips and internally it is made up of a layer of foam. The handle of the cover is also made up of precast plastic. A stuff box is also there in the guitar hard case to place all the additional accessories. In this way it can be stored after usage. Also the guitar stand, strap, Austin bazaar pick card are provided with the guitar bundle. For real music lovers, this guitar bundle is ideal to buy and to play various tones of their choice. Either you are a beginner or professional this guitar will help you to play large variety of tones, rock, pop and jazz music.

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Fender FS02 Squier acoustic guitar bundle review

Fender-Acoustic-Hardshell-Instructional-Polishingdp 2

Everything that a beginner guitarist needs to play music is offered by this Fender FS02 acoustic guitar. The Fender FS02 acoustic guitar is especially designed by considering all those people who want to learn the guitar. In this way it offers you smart and attractive bundle to play the music. The guitar is able to play a large variety of music. In this way it is more suitable for those who love the hang outs and other outdoor activities, and want to enjoy their favorite tones of music there.

The Fender FS02 electric acoustic guitar offers beautiful features. It includes strings, string winder, picks, stand, tuner, polishing cloth and instructional DVD. All that you need to begin a guitar is incorporated in the bundle of the guitar box. The Fender FS02 acoustic guitar provides you a more comfortable way to play various styles of music. The dreadnought body offers clear, loud and vivacious voices of music. Also if you are a beginner then you can get the complete guide from the instructional DVD. That will offer you to understand all the basics to play a guitar.

If someone is looking for a guitar to practice on regular basis then this guitar is best one for him. The Fender FS02 acoustic guitar is also inexpensive. That is why it is most popular among others as it provides all the basic features of the guitar but within affordable ranges. The hard case of the guitar is ideally made to protect the guitar and it is also able to store all the additional accessories after using them. In this way, it will help you to protect the guitar and will make it long lasting. In short, we can say that this Fender FS02 acoustic guitar is easy to use, fantastic in looks, vibrant in tones and off course better than all.

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 Squier by Fender acoustic guitar bundle review

Fender-Acoustic-Strings-ChromaCast-Sampler 3

The Squier by fender acoustic electric guitar provides an awesome package for the beginner guitarists in form of guitar bundle. The guitar bundle of Squier consists of all the important accessories that a new guitarist requires to learn. The beautiful sound effects and easy to use properties of the Squier by fender acoustic guitar have made it possible to play different styles of music. No mater either you are a beginner or professional user of the guitar, that Squier by fender acoustic guitar will serve you with its terrific features and the qualities.

The full size dreadnought body of the Squier by fender acoustic guitar provides vibrant tones of music. The features that enhance the beauty of the guitar include spruce top, laminated back and sides of the guitar. The color of the guitar is beautiful and shiny. The additional accessories of the guitar include strings, string winder, strap and tuner. The guitar bundle also consists of a black bag instead of a hard shell case. Although it is not hard and padded yet it helps in preventing the guitar from the dust particles. The tuner of the guitar is of best quality that will not allow your music to get interrupting with background noises. It also has an ability to give the crystal clear sound effects.

So what else you want? This Squier by fender acoustic guitar bundle provides you a complete set of accessories and the features that you actually need to play a guitar. If you do not know how to play the guitar, then there is a finest option for you to consult with the instructional DVD. This DVD will help you to learn the guitar and its features.  So in short talking about the guitar we can say that this Squier by fender acoustic guitar has well tone, beautiful features and the most importantly the outstanding usage.

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Fender FS01 Squier acoustic guitar review

Fender-Acoustic-Instructional-Strings-Polishing 4

Full size dreadnought body of this Fender FS01 squier electric acoustic guitar provides vivacious sound and clear music for the beginners. The Fender is specialized in making the guitars for beginners that guide them in a proper way from starting till end. The Fender FS01 squier acoustic guitar is also one of them. When you will buy this guitar, you will get the best quality features with complete guide.

The additional accessories of the guitar that are supplied within the guitar bundle include stand, picks, strings, string winder, gig bag and DVD. The typical hard shell case is not provided with the guitar bundle but instead a gig bag is provided along with the guitar. This bag is different from typical hard case, but it is efficient to protect the accessories and the guitar from external moisture and the dust. All the accessories can be placed into the bag. The guitar also offers a versatile tuner to play various types of music. It is amazing as it detects the sound and do not allow the external sounds to disturb the music played by the guitar. The body of the guitar is laminated and it has a laminated spruce top with shiny surface. It also has laminated back and sides that also enhances the beauty of the guitar.

The decent bundle with all the important accessories makes this guitar desirable.  The guitar bundle is inexpensive. If the quality of this Fender FS01 squier acoustic guitar is compared with its price, then it can be said that it is much better than other inexpensive guitars. Both the beginners and the professionals use this Fender FS01 squier acoustic guitar with perfection.  The convenient features and the additional accessories all together help a lot in clear understanding of this Fender FS01 squier acoustic guitar. You will get a practical tract to learn the guitar in a proper way.

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 Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar review

Jasmine-S35-Acoustic-Guitar-Natural 5

Jasmine S35 acoustic electric guitar is a great looking guitar with dreadnought body and multiple attractive features that make the guitar ideal to buy. It is perfect for both beginners and as well as for the professional singers. This Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is of incomparable value and also this guitar is easy to play and handle. The S35 model has all the brilliant features that make the best.

The spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, laminated sides and back makes the guitar worth seeing. The slender neck of the guitar provides easy play options. Also the satin finish enables the guitar to maximize the resonance to give a smooth music with comfort. The other noticeable features of the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar includes rosewood bridge, synthetic bone saddle and chrome hardware. These entire features combine together makes the guitar perfect to perform various tones of music. This top selling Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is an inexpensive choice to perform various styles of music by the guitarists.

If you are a beginner or a seasoned singer, the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is the best option for all of them. You can try your hands their by using the guitar. It will make you a perfect guitarist as this guitar is quite easy to use. Even if you are a recreational player, you can choose this Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar to try your hands. It is convenient to use, so you can easily make practices with it. The comfort level and the tone of the guitar are among its best features. This Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar gives you all in one quality. The Jasmine guitar has a limited warranty but it serves with the great features. It can be made long lasting with proper care and usage. Overall the quality and the features of the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar are outstanding.

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 Things to Consider For Buying Acoustic Electric Guitar:

When it comes to buying of acoustic electric guitar then following are the main things which you should consider:

Knowledge about Construction and Design

Until you have proper knowledge about basic construction and design of guitar you cannot buy the right one. Moreover, if you are buying guitar for the first time then read online about the construction of guitar and also sees it in Google images in order to understand the basic design. Once you get familiar with the design then automatically you know about the important parts which you have to look for while buying guitar.

Variety of Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic electric guitars are available in two major types which are 12-string acoustic guitars and the ovation balladeer. Unlike 12-string acoustic guitar ovation balladeer guitar is made of fiberglass and is also resilient towards change in temperature and humidity conditions. Thus, if you want traditional guitar you should go with 12-string acoustic guitar while if you want to have some new stuff then ovation balladeer guitar is the ultimate option for you.

Neck Region

The next thing you have to look for while buying acoustic electric guitar is its neck region. On basis of neck design we can divide guitar in two types set neck and bolt on neck. In set neck the neck is glued to the body of guitar while in case of bolt on neck a heel is present which provides additional support to place where neck meets the guitar body. Generally, bolt on neck guitars are preferred by customers.


Next thing to consider while buying acoustic electric guitar is its body. The body of electric guitar is composed of two parts soundboard and the hollow chamber. Soundboard is the top part of the guitar while the hollow chamber comprises of the sides and back of the guitar. So, prior to buying make sure that these both parts are free of cracks or bridge separation and looks sound to you.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the guitar influences the performance and ease of use of the instrument. So, go with such shape and size guitar that you can easily handle.

Nylon or Steel Strings

Commonly, the strings of guitar are made of nylon or steel. It is a misconception that the new comers, who are learning to play guitar, should prefer nylon strings guitars. In fact, strings material is not related with the skills it is related with the kind of music you want to play. If you want to play soft music then nylon string acoustic guitar is best for you. But in case of playing rock or pop music, steel strings acoustic guitar is the better option. So, select guitar keeping in mind the type of music you want to play.

Above mentioned is a detailed report written by professional guitar experts mentioning some interesting and useful tips which if considered can help you a lot in buying the right acoustic electric guitar. If you have read this report carefully then you are probably ready to buy your first electric guitar. Just go and get it without thinking a lot.